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Bad Moons Rising

2Moons offers heart-thumping combat with vibrant effects.

Ten Ton Hammer is teaming up with Acclaim Games, Inc. to celebrate the debut of Bad Moons Rising, the first major content update for 2Moons in 2008. We want you to check out the new content and help defend a shattered world plagued by Pitborn. That's why we're offering you a chance to win in-game items in our 2Moons Contest!

Bad Moons Rising adds plenty of new features for 2Moons players:

  • New Pet system
  • New areas, quests, and dungeons
  • Higher security and spam control
  • New and upgraded skills for each character class
  • New weapons and armor
  • New boss monsters
  • New Shop items
  • More backpack and more storage expansions available
New to 2Moons? Catch up on the full details by checking out our TenTon Wiki entry, 15 screen shots from the latest update exclusive to Ten Ton Hammer, and links to all of Ten Ton Hammer's 2Moons coverage.

Here's the fun part--what you can win! Acclaim Games, Inc. wants to provide you with some handy in-game items that will help your adventure be easier and more enjoyable. 25 winners will receive the following items:
  • 1 Wiki pet - This is an Egg for a pet Item. When you purchase this cash item, it will be an Egg. If you double-click the Egg in your Inventory window, the pet will then hatch from the egg. Pets will follow you around and help gather items and dil. 
  • 5 Soul of the Alchemist items - Soul of Alchemist adds an 18% chance of success when creating a socket in a weapon or armor item.  * This item cannot be gifted or traded
  • 1 Super Noble Health Pack - Use the Super Noble Health Pack for instant automatic recovery of 820 HP. Right-click or place in  F1-F6 slots to use.  * This item cannot be gifted or traded
  • 1 Noble Mana Pack - Use the Noble Mana Pack to recover 820 MP manually either by right-clicking or by placing in one of the  F1-F6 slots and pressing the appropriate key.  * This item cannot be gifted or traded
All you have to do is log in and confirm your email address. One entry per person, contest open to US and Canadian residents only, and no purchase necessary. As always, Ten Ton Hammer Premium Members get more chances to win!


25 winners will receive... a 2Moons Prize Pack as described above.

Wiki Pet Soul Of Alchemist
Super Noble Health Pack Noble Mana Pack

2Moons Contest prizes are courtesy of Acclaim Games, Inc. and Ten Ton Hammer.
  • As per our privacy policy, we'll only use your email address for contest purposes.
  • Drawing will occur Sunday, March 23rd, 2008. No entries may be submitted after 11:59 PM on 3/22/08.
  • Contest open to US and Canadian entrants only.
  • For complete contest rules, click here.
This contest is closed. Our winners are listed below: Wsmitty, DGMastermind, Ravyn, Nelien, Fangolor, Kaldor, dr0w, ashamita, Whipit, Lisje, necron666, Roland, redaliennom

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