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  • Aion0122

    Will PvP predominate the Aion experience? What shape will PvP take when North American and European players get deeper into the core PvP play and the Abyss? Players have a number of questions...

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    Fri, Jul 24, 2009
    B. de la Durantaye
  • dark_flight

    Aion beta weekend four turned out three days of gaming fun! For those who are lucky enough to attend, it's a taste of what's to come after launch. For those who haven't been able to get into beta...

    Features, Previews
    Wed, Jul 22, 2009
  • Aion - Anturoon Coast

    Aion's scout classes are both very distinct and interesting making it hard to decide which to choose once you ascend. Will the Assassin's stealthy hands on approach appeal to you, or is the...

    Features, Previews
    Mon, Jul 13, 2009
  • Gladiator Polearm

    Aion's Gladiator is the offensive branch of the warrior archetype. This class offers a heavy plate armor wearing option with high offensive capabilities for players who want a tank that can dish...

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    Wed, Jul 08, 2009
  • Aion - Priest Combat 1
    Like many other aspects of Aion, the Chanter class blends just enough familiar elements from previous MMOs for players to feel completely at home while stepping into the role while offering...
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    Tue, Jul 07, 2009
  • Aion_Sky_Tower

    If you're jumping into Aion for the first time this weekend, you'll find it's different than other MMORPGs you might have played in more ways than one. Ten Ton Hammer has compiled a quick list of...

    Fri, Jul 03, 2009
  • Aion-Warrior-Asmodian 3

    This week Ten Ton Hammer takes a look at the warrior archetype, Aion's heavy tank class. If you enjoy standing toe to toe with your enemies and taking just as many hits to the face as you give...

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    Wed, Jul 01, 2009
  • Aion-Ranger-Elyos 3

    Aion's Scout archetype is all about melee action, impressive damage, and useful utilities all combined into one stealthy bundle of raw skill. During Aion's preview weekend, Savanja got a chance...

    Features, Previews
    Tue, Jun 30, 2009
  • lani_blazier.jpg

    Game Informer recently got the chance to speak with Associate Producer, Lani Blazier about NCsoft's highly anticipated MMORPG, Aion. If the name Lani Blazier isn't enough to solidify her as a...

    Features, Interviews
    Thu, Jun 25, 2009
  • Aion150.jpg

    Features, Class Info, Interviews, Guides
    Mon, Jun 22, 2009
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