Aion's Rally the Troops Event Starts Today

Aion begins rallying the troops today with special offers for new and returning players to prep for 3.0 and free-to-play.
Aion has put out the rally call for players in anticipation of its upcoming free-to-play change and new 3.0 update. The “Rally the Troops” event gets underway today with special offers for new, returning and current players to take advantage of and start getting leveled up for the coming changes. New and returning players will be granted accelerated XP weekends. Additionally, new players will receive an extended free trial to level cap of 40 and returning players will receive a two-week free reactivation with boosted gains of relics & medals.

Head over and find out all the details about what you can get for returning to Aion today.

Source: Aion Rallying the Troops Event

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