Anarchy Online Video Teases Engine Changes

Posted Tue, Mar 27, 2012 by Martuk

Funcom rolled out a new video for the upcoming changes to the Anarchy Online graphics engine earlier today. Onlinewelten managed to get the video up this morning via YouTube along with a new interview with Game Director Fia "Lindelu" Tjernber. Check out the full interview here and the video embed after the break.

Source: Onlinewelten Anarchy Online Interview

Um why bother at this point? Isn't there like 100 people left playing this game? I'm not crapping on it either.. it was a fun game in it's time. It's time is long past though, they should just retire it.

The game was AMAZING for its time, and I think still one of the most innovative mechanics Ive ever seen in an MMO.Some people think Over Equipping restrictions ruined the game but they didnt.they were necessary for balance because players are insane geniuses about getting into gear, when the only restriction is can you actually(Mathematically) get into it.The 2 main things that killed it,imho were making most of the newer(optional) equipment absolutely necessary to enjoy the normal high end basically had to spend half your life camping for gear, and buy all the expansions to keep up with the a point that a reasonably skilled player who had all the expansions,and the time to get the gear,would absolutely wipe the floor with a very skilled player that just had the regular(non expansion) gear.Having said that,I think its the second problem,the GRAPHICS, that ultimately pulled the plug on the game,as it was in its heyday.while it is true that some games are fun without great graphics,AO does not fit into that mold.AO is meant to be PRETTY.when you go out of your way to make such varied and amazing zones,the quality of the eye candy matters.Imagine the first time you walk into one of RubiKas deserts and see amazing vistas taking full advantage of modern graphics modelling.,a Cyborg that looks like a scary-ass Terminator,or a Tarrasque rendered in full eye popping,piss yourself ,shaking the screen,blow you away graphics!If the graphic update went in years ago, when first promised, I think a lot less people would have ventured elsewhere looking to make their shiny new vidcards start smoking.I, for one would have stayed, and I still talk to many friends I made in AO,that still plan on going back to it if they do.I think if Funcom takes some of the mechanics they have learned since AO(AoC,TSW) and modifies the game for them,just ever so slightly,it will become one of the all-time remastered classics turned new powerhouse popular game.

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