Anarchy Online Winter Celebration Holiday Event Begins

Anarchy Online’s Winter Celebration event kicks off three weeks of in-game holiday events, gifts, and special offers.

Santaleet returns to Rubi-ka to celebrate the three-week Winter Celebration event in Anarchy Online. But all is now well and players will have to help Santaleet reclaim his workshop from hostile alien forces commanded by Commander GrinÂ’Cha to ensure a festive celebration and not a winter nightmare.

Hostile alien invasions of aside, thereÂ’s also gifts and special offers available throughout the event. You can hunt down the winter leets in the major cities of Rubi-Ka to claim their festive gifts. Additionally, you can find several new festive items in the Anarchy Online item shop and take advantage of special 6 and 12 month subscription offers, which both come with bonus time and XP Boosters. The 12 month offer also includes 5,000 Victory Points.

The event is currently underway and will conclude on Thursday, January 2nd, 2014.

Source: Anarchy Online Winter Celebration Announcement

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