Age of Conan Monthly Update Details Crafting Revamp and New Content Plans

Funcom outlines the rest of their 2011 plans and beyond for Age of Conan: Unchained in the August Monthly Development Update.
Age of Conan: Unchained (AoC) kicked off early access to its Savage Coast of Turan adventure pack today, but Funcom has some other elaborate plans for the game before 2011 comes to an end. This monthÂ’s Monthly Development Update outlines the teamÂ’s plans going forward throughout the remaining year and some of the plans should make many players happy.

PvP world bosses, the House of Crom, a two-part max level dungeon with over a dozen bosses and the final encounters of the Tier four raid cycle are on the way and are all tentatively scheduled to release before the end of the year.

Pre-planning for 2012 content is also underway and Funcom has already announced that there will be a new adventure pack in the first half of the year. No details were revealed about what the content of the new adventure pack will be. The planning for 2012 content is still in its early stages but the update did state that we can look forward to additional system updates, new single server technology for the Dreamworld engine that will allow for cross-server grouping and PvP minigames.

Lastly, the letter touched on an aspect that is near and dear to this writer’s heart – tradeskills. While this plan is a ways out still, the team is looking at a revamp of the tradeskill system to give it some new life and make it more involving. I’ve never been a fan of simple tradeskill systems, it negates the need for skilled craftsman, so hopefully Funcom’s revamp will make this a bit more engaging and fun. Regardless, this year and into 2012 should be an interesting time for AoC content.

Source: AoC August Monthly Development Update

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