Age of Conan Server Merge Coming August 7th

Funcom posts a new FAQ with details about the upcoming server merge of Set and Wiccana in Age of Conan.
Funcom is cutting its server load for Age of Conan by one this week with the merger of Set and Wiccana. The post-merge server will be known as Set and is set to be carried out on August 7th. A newly posted FAQ provides all the details for the merger that you’ll need to know such as how duplicate character and guild names will be handles, guild cities, battlekeeps and more.

And what will happen with guild battlekeeps?

Since build spots for battlekeeps are limited on each server, all build spots will be cleared and guilds will be reimbursed the resources for their battlekeep. This is to make sure that the guild get the needed resources again and every guild gets the same chance

Source: AoC Server Merge FAQ

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