TSW, AO, and AoC Game Directors Discuss Development Transition

Posted Fri, Jan 25, 2013 by Martuk

A lot of changes are coming to Funcom following the company’s restructuring. The development teams of the studio will all be moving to one central location in Raleigh, NC, and this means some changes to each of Funcom’s major MMORPGs. Each of the game director’s for Age of Conan: Unchained (AoC), The Secret World (TSW), and Anarchy Online (AO) have released new updates to detail the coming changes.

First up is Craig Morrison, game director of AoC. The development of AoC is being passed on to a new team at the NC facility, who will resume development of everything talked about previously such as the remaining updates for The Secrets of Dragon’s Spine and the crafting revamp. Morrison didn’t sugar coat the fact that the development schedule will likely be impacted by the transition but promised that nothing in the plans have changed.

Next up is Joel Bylos, game director for TSW, who echoed comments in Morrison’s letter regarding the game’s development transition to a new team at the NC studio. As with each of the games, not everyone on the current team will make the transition, so some new faces will be involved with future development. Bylos also explained that there will be some delays in new content due to the transition, but also teased a few details for the upcoming Issue #6 update and plans to improve the subscription option.

Lastly, AO Producer Dave "Ilaliya" Williams posted an update relaying a similar message. The transition will be in the process over the next couple of months as some of the developers that will be heading to Raleigh get moved and settled in. As with the other games, this will also delay some work on server migrations, the new player experience and game engine updates, which Williams detailed more in the update.

While we don't know who will and will not be making the move to NC with Funcom's transition, we do know that Joel Bylos has posted that he will not be among the list of those that are.

Sources: TSW Letter, AoC Letter, AO Letter


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