APB: Reloaded Celebrates Reloaded Day

By Stacy Jones -

Today marks the official start of what Reloaded Productions has dubbed “Reloaded Day” for APB: Reloaded. The day marks the start of the calendar year for APB: Reloaded, and to celebrate the occasion, the crew over at Reloaded Productions has taken a look back at how the studio was founded to revive APB: Reloaded, offered a number of in-game events with prizes, and revealed some of what they have planned for the online shooter’s future.

Along with the trip down memory lane, Reloaded Productions posted a new blog today on the future of APB: Reloaded and what’s planned for 2013 starting with its first update in April with “Settling the Score”, which will feature an improved District instancing mechanic, a new scoring system, and adjustments to the spawn mechanic. Some of the other goals planned for 2013 include a new tutorial, a re-designed HUD, a mission district revamp, additional in-game events, and more.

You can read all about the coming changes in the latest developer blog.

Source: Welcome to the Future of APB: Reloaded

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