Updated: APB: Retribution Announced

Posted Thu, Dec 05, 2013 by Martuk

Update: In response to our inquiery on additional platform support we received the following statement from a Blazing Griffin representative.

"We have yet to announce any further platforms but it is likely the game will appear on other platforms in the future."

Original Story: APB: Reloaded developer Reloaded Productions has teamed up with Edinburgh-based Blazing Griffin to develop a new mobile spinoff of the APB series with the newly announced APB: Retribution. The new “top-down tactical shooter” has been in development over the last six months according to a Develop report.

APB: Retribution takes players out of the fast-firing streets of San Paro to explore the seedy backstreet underworld. The combat takes place in top-down view and features one-shot kills and fluid movements, making it similar to some past arcade and console shooters of the same variety.

APB: Retribution is expected to launch for iOS devices later this month. We've contacted Blazing Griffin to inquire about additional platform support in the future.

Thanks to Brian for the tip.

Source: APB: Retribution Announcement

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