Arcane Saga Shutting Down on September 16th

Posted Fri, Jul 12, 2013 by Martuk

Arcane Saga, the game formerly known as Prius Online, is once again having its plug pulled. Netmarble acquired the publishing rights to Prius Online back in March and subsequently relaunched it under the name of Arcane Saga. Things apparently haven't gone well since its June 5th relaunch as Netmarble recently announced that it will be shutting the game down once again on September 16th. The reason given in the FAQ is pretty straightforward.

Q: Why is Arcane Saga closing?

A: After a deep review, we've determined that the costs to operate are greater than the income generated. We do not feel we will be able to properly support the game if we reduce the amount of staff currently working on it. Therefore our only option is to close the game.

Any cash shop currency that you may have will still be available for Netmarble’s other titles. Be sure to peruse the Closure FAQ for more details.

Source: Arcane Saga Closure Announcement


Prius Online is resurrected from the abyss as Netmarble brings back the title as Arcane Saga.

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