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now I’m sure everyone has heard of href="" target="_blank"> style="font-style: italic;">Aion,
and some of you
may be asking yourself that same old question…so why pick it
up? Here’s are a few good reasons to head on over to
your local retailer of choice, or pick it up through digital order
before launch day on the 22nd.

: Aion is by far
superior to any other MMO out there currently in design, utilizing the
much touted CryENGINE.  The shocker here is that you do not
need an over the top machine to run Aion. But you’ll
certainly see the benefits of picking that new graphics card up, if you
need it.

: Ever want to
make a character that looks like you, but found that the character
creation process was lacking in the options department? In Aion you are
given the ability to customize even the smallest details to make your
character truly an expression of yourself, or you could just make a 2
foot tall whatever you call it, that anyone can hardly see as you run
by. Whatever you choose your soon to  be Daeva to look like,
it can certainly be done in Aion.

Quest Assistant
: You read
this right, there is an incorporated quest helper that will show you
where your quest objects are (granted the area has been opened up by
exploration). It will also link important items of interest to you,
which you can click on for more information about just what it is.

With 3 available factions currently find in Atreia…Elyos,
Asmodian, and the wretched Balaur, you’re bound to run up
against the Balaur sooner or later. Once you reach the Abyss at level
25, you will be introduced to the Balaur in various ways. However, you
will not be alone. The opposite faction
will also be in your midst as well. Also of note here, gaining
rank  through your PvE kills in the Abyss, and members of the
opposing faction will grant you points you can spend on PvP 
gear, and various other goodies.

Item Customization
: If
ever wanted that cool looking helm to look like your current
one, but only if it had those stats…look
no further. Within Aion you’re able to make your gear look
however you want it to, and keep the stats you love. Along with this
nice feature, you’re free to do your own weapon and gear
enchanting by way of manastones and godstones, item enchantment stones
and power shards. In other words, you can make your weapons look
amazing, and buff your abilities pretty nicely too.

: Look into the href="" target="_blank">various
crafts available, if you really
want something else to do. There are
currently 6 crafts available including: Alchemy, Cooking,
Handiwork, Sewing, Weaponsmith, and Armorsmith. There are also others
that are available to all Daevas such as Extract Vitality, Extract
Aether, and the Morphing ability.

: This nice little
feature allows you to maximize damage by allowing certain skills
to trigger upon execution of others, and adds an extra kick to each
player’s grind. Not all skill chains activate every time, for
instance, the more powerful chains activate less frequently while other
chains will every time. While these abilities will certainly mix things
up in PvP, they will also have plenty of application in PvE as well.

Instances Total Since href="" target="_blank">1.5
That’s right, PvE gets some love too.
Looking for new instances to explore? Ways to get your raiding fix?
Well look no more - Aion is going to release packed with
content that is going to be very engaging, with dynamic fights
requiring teamwork - so get to know your Legion.

faction’s control in the Abyss affects item prices and
access to instances!
participating in battles
against the Balaur and your opposing faction, and winning over
territories you will tip the influence in your favor!

: Currently in Aion
there are 3 Legion levels. Each one grants you a higher membership cap,
cloak/emblem abilities, and more. Any good legion of daevas should
progress and level through this together, as achieving the third level
is a big deal!

Hmm, what are we missing here?… style="font-weight: bold;">FLIGHT,
which is one of the main selling points of the game. The
system is very nice, and when used to glide through other areas it can
prove an invaluable mode of transportation. I should also note the
gliding trick does take some practice to master and in areas you can
fly, gliding ticks your flight timer at ½ sec for each
actual second you glide. In the end game or as you progress through
levels you’ll see opportunities to expand on your flight
time, so you’ll want to keep a look out
for these.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016