This week in my Blog I look at the new 25 is 40 raid announcement, check it out.

Huh? The first time, I read this I thought, OMG so if I'm 33 now that's like being 48? Or is it more than than? Is there a sliding scale? Then I calmed down and kept reading. Oh, ok, they are talking about the raid cap for the new instances in the expansion going down from 40 to 25, ok I can cope with that. Or can I?

The more I have thought about this topic over the last week, the more distress it causes me. I know I'm not a hard core raider, but this could make it even harder on me. To prove I am not hardcore, I was just dropped from my first guild because I hadn't raided in over 3 months with them! Sorry Bloodpack, I don't hold any grudges, I know I got slack, I can't help it, too many other things going on to keep up with multiple raid schedules, life, wife, work and kids.... ARRGGG if only we could clone ourselves!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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