So having played too much Titan Quest (Awesome game) and a free copy of Diablo III sitting on my desk, I decided to try the game anyways. (Despite my many reasons I wouldn't want to play the game)

The game starts out good, but quickly descends into mediocrity. Diablo III lacks the endless enjoyment provided by it's predecessor that still makes it a popular game to this day. Instead the game is filled little annoyances (like connect-to play, broken ah, constant disconnects, etc..) that will slowly build up and build up until more and more people drop from the game.

The game is set up in such a way that casual players can easily jump in and really enjoy the game. The skill systems creates millions of combinations for your characters, giving you a sense of uniqueness and enjoyment as you unlock each new skill. Combat is relatively simple and direct, yet still addicting and action-packed.

However, the benefits provided to casual players quickly drops off once you reach the level cap. While I believe that Inferno is a great addition to a game like this, and allows hardcore players to play forever and constantly have at least some level of difficulty, the lack of any alternative end-game creates a wall for casual players, and forces most players into cookie-cutter class defensive builds in order to survive.

The game does have a few redeeming qualities for me however:

  1. The launcher for the launcher that launches the game.

    While you normally may not see it, if the game is having issues or your computer is having a hiccup at the moment, you'll see a launcher that begins to launch the Diablo III launcher so you can launch the game. This is probably the best part of the game. I love it so much, I've asked the tech team here at TTH to create a loading page for our loading page that loads our main page, so you can enjoy stupid redundancy as much as I do.
  2. Naughty Underpants
    I went to check out Pirkle's toon, and instead received multiple flashings as his barbarians loin cloth whipped up and down to reveal his poorly concealed lil' diablo.
  3. General Chat
    Blizzard in their infinite wisdom now forces all payers to join general chat each time they play. The trolling is absolutely priceless. I spend more time trolling general chat than I do actually playing the game. The QQ about the game is some of the most spectacular whining I've ever seen. I've actually run out of popcorn from all the drama.

So at least I have a few things to enjoy while waiting for Torchlight II.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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