Take a look here at some funny one liners given to us by a Tauren Shaman Morphin, from the server Arthas!


#1 It's as addictive as crack
#2 Ruins your life
#3 Instances are just clearing, you waste a lot of time and get no reward
#4 I doubt anyone would do as much BattleGrounds as they do if they weren't farming for an item, BattleGrounds aren't TRULY fun
#5 Instances aren't TRULY fun all of the time
#6 40% of your instances you have a group member leaving
#7 30% of the instnaces you have a [email protected]%ty group member, thus leading to the cause of the wipe at the boss
#8 Spawns. Are. Dumb.
#9 The "Scenery" part of the wyvern flying, it takes me like 15 !&$%ing minutes to get to Kargath from UC
#10 The STV spawn places
#11 Alliance is stupid
#12 Many of the instances you d/c because of the poor servers
#13 This game isn't satisfying whatsoever
#14 Laggy auction house
#15 Gauntlets of Elements costing 125g while the Wildheart Gloves cost 15g.. wtf?
#16 Killing 300x333(exp) creatures with the same combo each time to get 100k exp is just boring
#17 Shamans who refuse to heal and just earthshock
#18 Extreme time commitement necessary
#19 You stop and realize that you're spending 50 game days to see your lightning bolt crit go up from 1k to 3k and seeing your health bar go up in the process... YIPPY SKIPPY?
#20 People who buy wow gold
#21 Tweaks at 49 with as many BOE epics and enchants as possible
#22 Barrens Chat
#23 Chuck Norris facts in every major city
#24 The epic 60 attitude... "I have the epics dont argue with me noob"
#25 how this game requires little talent, just knowing what to do
#26 You often stop when you're playing this game thinking: Why, the !&$% do I play this game? Why?
#27 Seeing the lvl 53 Twig of the World Tree for 15g buyout, then seeing the lvl 26 sword for 110g buyout.
#28 Fear
#29 Polymorph

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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