Another Talented Player
Joins 38 Studios

Every other week, it seems like the public relations team at 38 Studios
is announcing that another top tier personality has been recruited to
work on their upcoming massively multiplayer game and online
entertainment experience. The most recent staffing addition to the 38
Studios business team is Jennifer MacLean, who has taken the role of
Vice President of Business Development. Even with all of the new work
on her plate, Jennifer took a moment to answers a few questions about
her previous experience in the industry and what she will bring to the
38 Studios team!

The biggest reason I wanted to work for 38 was the team. I'm
so excited about working with the crew; they've put together such an
amazing collection of talent. When you combine the people with the
vision they have for the Online Entertainment Experience, as well as
the progress they've made in making that vision a reality, I knew 38
Studios would be a great place to work. Bottom line, every time I spoke
with someone at 38 Studios, heard them speak, or even read about them,
I would wish I was working there!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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