Killing Heroes is all part of the game in Heroes of the Storm. We face off against a team of other players, simultaneously destroying their base and wiping out their team, over and over again. While taking out towers and forts is fantastic, there is something particularly glorious about killing an opponent.

Whether you are playing against other players or the AI, taking out another player gives you a rush that cannot be described. While it is true that killing any hero on the opposing team feels wonderful, there are just certain heroes that we just love to kill. For some reason, these heroes manage to take killing to a whole other level. Hearing their death cries and seeing their broken corpses fly across the screen brings a joy that is utterly indescribable.

Li Li

Li Li is an adorable (albeit somewhat annoying and bossy) Pandaren in World of Warcraft. In Heroes of the Storm, Li Li is something out of a twisted nightmare. From her creepy little girl voice to her weird grin that oozes awfulness, everything about Li Li says she is going to show up at your house one night and slaughter your entire family.

Add to her creepiness the fact she heals and can run super fast to avoid certain death and you have created the most diabolical, kill-worthy, character in the entire game. There is nothing as frustrating as seeing Li Li's horrifying grin as she prances away just ahead of you with less than 5% health. It is like this creepy little panda is taking pleasure in your failure and she needs to die for it.

I have personally become so concentrated in killing Li Li that I have walked past other heroes and into the enemy base totally oblivious to all around me, only to die a horrible death. Li Li is begging to be killed so much that I am fairly certain most players have the urge to kill her even if she is on their team. Li Li...we are coming for you.


Poor Murky has always gotten the short end of the stick. His lot in Heroes of the Storm isn't much different. Murky is one of those characters that is almost never good to play. Only a skilled player can make him worthwhile and thus, Murky has become something of a joke.

To make matters worse, his cute appearance, annoying sound effects, and perhaps his bright green coloring have made him a prime target. A Murky on the field is probably going to be dead sooner rather than later. While no one seems to really want to play this little guy, there is something magical about killing him.


This guy is just creepy and it makes us want to destroy him. He hovers in the background causing havoc and it isn't often that you even get close to this hero. However, when you do get up close and personal with Abathur and his abnormally small arms, you will likely find yourself in a blind rage hell bent on taking him down.


Stitches is big, bag, and super annoying. With his Hook ability that pulls you in, a meeting with Stitches has the potential to go badly very quickly. This is great, for Stitches. The players that have experienced this (and there are many, myself included) now have a personal vendetta against this hero. Take in to account that Stitches looks like he should burst apart like a pinata full of green ooze and gore (sadly, he does not) and Stitches easily becomes one of the most satisfying heroes to kill in Heroes of the Storm.


I don't know exactly what it is about Diablo that makes us want to kill him, but we do. Perhaps it is large red body, his ability to damage us from afar, or the fact that 75% of players who choose Diablo are just a tad on the pushy side. Whatever the reason, I've found that most players want Diablo dead and they take great pleasure in seeing his broken red corpse fling across the map.

That wraps up our list of the top 5 heroes we love to kill in Heroes of the Storm. Do any of these heroes make your most wanted list? Which heroes give you particular pleasure when you take them out? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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