Gather around kids! Uncle Coyote has a story he'd like to tell us! This is he story of 50 things that you should never do on a raid. #1 Don't take Coyote.

1) Do not spam the raid channel with panicked alert messages like "INCOMING (Raid Leader's Name)! EVAC!! EVAC!!" because no one will ever find it as funny as you do.

2) Screaming that you are "The King Of the Shiny People" and evacing anyone who tries to harvest them to the zone line will not win you friends.

3) Yes, you CAN pull the named mob with a snowball, so don't try it.

All I can say is...OMGZ!! EVAC!! EVAC!!

Check out Coyote's hilarious article here on TenTonHammer!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016