Fighter or Finger-Wiggler?

By Aunraye

When grouping in an MMO, a
variety of different skills and classes are
needed. A good group has both melee and casters (one of which is
hopefully a good healer) to aid in its struggle. Knowing that it takes
all kinds clearly means that every player must make a choice about who
they want to be. It also means that they can be whatever they want...
melee or caster.

I have always found it hard to play a melee character. The armor and
swords are certainly neat to look at, and I would have great fun
dressing up my warrior. I think I’d probably dye the armor fifteen
times a day. The only problem is that’s about all I’d enjoy.  I
certainly understand the appeal of moving in with your strong character
and swinging a sword or blunt weapon and watching your enemy fall. I’ve
done it a few times.

However, in the end I’ve always returned to my caster.  I would
rather spot my enemy, gather my mind, and cast a spell to vanquish him
from afar...or sometimes a bit closer; it all depends on the situation.
I preferred the variety it allowed me. I could protect my group mates
with Shields of Fire, or I could cast a Rain of Blades down upon the
enemy who dared come for us.  For me that was always the true
flexibility and the excitement of the effects to go with them; the
chance to sit and meditate and find myself with my spells, some of that
being the roleplayer in me. I have to connect to my character and I
could never see myself as a fighter, despite my martial arts
background. Go figure, hmm? The question then becomes: which do you

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Which is better at
serving that deep need you have in your soul to be powerful? Are you a
caster or a melee fighter? Cast your href="">vote!

  • I prefer to be a caster always
  • Melee all the way; I never understood those silly spells
  • I like to cast most of the time, but sometimes I need to
    give a good melee bashing
  • I prefer to be in the thick of it with my sword, but
    casting is a good change of pace every now and then
  • It never matters to me; I’ll be whatever my group and guild
href=""> style="font-weight: bold;">VOTE

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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