Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting! A Q&A Session with CEO Howard Marks on 9Dragons - Acclaim's MMORPG Kung Fu Debut

What gamer doesn't love a quality kung fu movie on late-night cable? In our first interview with Acclaim Games, CEO Howard Marks tells us how 9Dragons, a martial arts MMORPG set in Ming Dynasty China, will bring that singular kung fu experience from a Korean concept into the hearts and focused minds of young grasshoppas in North America and Europe.

"While 9Dragons did originate in Asia, Acclaim has made substantive efforts to ensure that the game translates well to the Western market. Or, rather, doesn't 'translate' at all. 'What we did right was to rewrite the game's story and dialog rather than opt for a loose or literal translation. This takes a lot more time and money but the quality speaks for itself,' Marks stated. One of Marks's first publicized moves was to hire Steven Eliot-Altman, a Cantonese-speaking American author, to help rewrite the 9Dragons lore."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016