Player VS Player. An interview with Sinister.

There is one aspect of WoW that not you can say does not really see as much discussion as people would like. Player VS Player. Every server you go to there will be a few guilds out there that live and die for PVP.

There are several guilds out there that have been very successful in the area of PVP. Low Red Moon on Feathermoon, Sinister on Gorefiend. The question is what makes these guilds successful?

Whether you play the horde or the Alliance, are part of a small or large guild the one key word that will make any one thrive in PVP is teamwork. Being in a guild like Sinister will give a lot of people the upper hand in this area because everyone knows each other which will make a hug difference.

In this interview you will hear from one of the bigger guilds out there on some of the reasons they are well known in the PVP arena. A lot of it is because of Teamwork, and a lot of it is because of the Guilds past experience. Having a level 60 on Feathermoon and having gone against Low Red Moon and Hand of the Forsaken as many times as I have I can say for sure that from my experience teamwork is the biggest factor of winning.

The guild known as Sinister The Guild Website, is the guild responsible for the early organization of the PvP server. This guild is well known for its PvP everywhere that they play, from Ultima Online through Lineage 2, but perhaps best for their PvP in Shadowbane both in beta and the first few months of Scorn, as the leading guild of the Rollin' 30s nation.

I have created an alt on Gorefiend to post this interview. Here is the quick interview with the Sinister Guild Master with there view on the PVP side of WoW.

  • Allot of people already know who Sinister is, for those who don't, would you care to share some of your notable achievements?
  • Certainly. Sinister started on Ultima Online on the Great Lakes server and have consistently been in the top 3 guilds for every game on every server in which we have participated. We don't claim to win them all (who can?) but we are consistently strong. Most of our infamy comes however from Shadowbane where we had a long beta career and a short follow up into final on the Scorn server.
  • Sinister has made quite the name for themselves in the area PVP. Can you tell us what makes you successful in PVP?
  • Good Question. Frankly there are so many good guilds out there now and many of them follow a template for success similar to ours. Time is so critical to these games and most of us are past our college/younger years that we get inevitably get outleveled. Where we make up the difference is in the TEAM work. This isn't your usual get together and kill a dragon guild, if you don't act as a brother to your teammate then you don't last on our tag.
  • Who do you feel will be your biggest competition out of the guilds that have already pledged to be fighting against you?
  • Nurfed, there isn't even a close second. They dominated the beta both in PVE content and in PVP. I don't think they lost any duels, certainly not any I watched. Old allies from Shadowbane they were and one of the few to ever beat a Sinister team at our Fight Nights. Nevertheless as Ivan Drago once said: "I must break you" :)
  • What is it about WoW pvp that appeals to you and your guild?
  • Most of my guild was not fortunate enough to participate in the beta so I can't speak for them. I was fortunate to have access to one of the few accounts floating around our guild. The games PVP mechanism has an extremely high amount of choices to pick. Lets see there is Class lines, race lines, trade skill lines, then there is the actual reactionary times in the game (something many pvp games have discouraged).
  • How much of a factor do you think PvE is on the PVP side of thing; for example do you see alot problems like you did on Sullon Zek with Ruin because of being outleveled and out geared?
  • This has and will happen in this game and every MMO released from now on. There are to many people that have figured out that time equals advantage nowadays to get around it. It’s not that big of a deal really if you manage to stick it out you will still be competitive in the end. In the last days of our time on SZ we were extremely competitive with Ruin and would win more then our share of fights. It's even less of a problem in WOW where instances prevent people from ruining another guilds ability to catch up and compete.
  • How do you think WoW compares to all the other MMORPG's you have played?
  • I think WOW has done something marvelous with this MMO, it has STOLEN the best of every game I've played to date. The PVE from Everquest, AC'esque PVP, community building of UO, auction house trader skills alla Final Fantasy. The key to it isn't in the content that is in the game when it releases but the content they add after release; if Blizzard keeps pumping out the gerbil pellets we will keep playing and if they don't eventually, inevitably we will move on. For now though, this is the game and sweet Jesus is it fun.

    Interview Hosted by McKabe – Alt of Aemilius

    With all this in mind, get to get together with some friends or fellow guild mates, try to have an organized plan and go reek some havoc in the Battlegrounds or in one of the Horde cities.

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    Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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