Although there are various ways to boost your bankroll and buy those upgrades (such as subscriptions) you need, the real key to filling your purse with swag is to either grind or farm coins. Whether you're grinding or farming gold, unlocking treasures takes a certain mindset and there's a lot that the humble WOW player can learn from the online casino player. Although the two worlds may seem to occupy two separate ends of the gaming spectrum, there are a lot of parallels between the two disciplines when you look at the details of WOW and casino gaming more closely.

Adopting the Gambler's Mindset

Aside from being able to handle multiple tasks at once and devise specific strategies to defeat specific opponents, WOW players need to appreciate the process of grinding out results. Understanding that incremental moves can add up to impressive gains is something every gambler understands particularly well and it's something you'll need to grasp if you want to improve your World Of Warcraft experience when you sign-up.

While the thought of grinding out coins over long periods of time might not seem like a fun thing to do, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and you shouldn't be afraid to invest time in small moves in return for significant gains which can then be used to buy enhance your subscription, by upgrades and in-game bonuses. Yes, in most instances you'll be gambling that a particular strategy will pay out a large dividend, however, that's a rule all successful casino players will abide by and one you should be prepared to follow in the WOW universe.

An Epic Farming Gamble

One way to bank some bullion is by farming a group of mobs in the search for an epic drop. After ten hours of farming mobs you'll be able to sell them for an average of 1,000 gold coins. Although this isn't a bad return, you can actually earn more by completing your daily missions at levels 70, 80, 85 and 90. So why would you waste ten hours farming mobs for 1,000 coins? Because there is a chance you can get a jackpot payout.

Much like slots players grinding out small wins for hours on end, there is always the promise of a huge jackpot that makes the game worth playing. Every online slot machine has an RTP (return to player - based on mathematical expectation) which means, on average, a player will win a certain amount based on their stake. In general, this return is made up of small wins, however, at certain intervals a huge jackpot will be paid out.

This is much like the process of farming mobs. Before you start you know the process and what your investment will be (i.e. ten hours). You also know that, like a slots player, you'll sometimes hit a small payout at the end of your session. However, like the slot player also knows, there is also the chance that you can bank a whole lot more at the end and that's why it can be worth taking the gamble on farming mobs.

Spin a Win

Another casino style element that can help you build up your stack of gold is by playing “roulette.” Although not the same form of roulette that online casino players might be accustomed to, the game does have a number of similarities. According to the basic premise of the playing roulette, players’ aim is to pick a number, place a bet on it and wait for a small ball to settle on the numbered wheel.

If a casino player can accurately predict where the ball is going to land, then they will earn a return on their investment valued anywhere from even money to a 35:1 payout. When you're playing WOW, you can engage in a form of roulette known as rolling (there is certain etiquette linked to rolling). This can be engaged voluntarily or involuntarily, but the main premise behind this feature is that you stumble across some loot, predict a number and the person to hit the right one will win.

For example, you and some friends stumble across a chest and want to play for it. The process would go as follows:

Player 1: Let's play for the chest.

Player 2: OK.

Player 3: Let's do this: /random 100 (means the player has rolled a number range between 1 and 100).

System Message: Player 3 rolled a 10 of 100.

Player 1: /random 100

System Message: Player 1 rolled a 93 of 100.

Player 2: /random 100

System Message: Player 2 rolled a 45 of 100.

In this scenario Player 1 wins the game as their roll was closest to 100. Of course, it's possible to share the contents of the chest with your peers. However, the gamble was won by Player 1 and the loot is theirs, just as it would be if they were playing roulette.

Small Moves = Big Gains

Although these are just two of the ways you can boost your gold count inside WOW, the main thing you need to take from this is that there is a lot you can learn from the casino world. Gamblers understand that small moves can sometimes result in big rewards (if you play the game properly) and the same is true in WOW. Although the process of grinding and farming can be arduous, the process can lead to big rewards. Failing that, the process will also yield a minimal return and it's this dynamic between stable rewards and jackpot wins tjat you need to bear in mind when you're playing.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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