Got Skillz?

We here at Ten Ton Hammer have covered Kwari in the past. A game that
is skill based and involves gambling in a first person shooter style of
play. Intent is an understatement when talking about Kwari. You do not
bleed red liquid when shot, you bleed coins. Those coins may appear
virtual, but they are real. Weapons, scenarios, fighting it out with
other players all in the name of making money is the essence of Kwari.
In June, Kwari is coming to the U.S. game market.

At GDC 2008 Al King gave us a chance to talk about
Kwari. The first
person shooter where you can use your skill to earn money. Real money
is exchanged in this game during the fast paced combat and wild
scenarios. Kwari comes to the U.S. in June and Al was there to talk
about the game's future.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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