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style="font-style: italic;">CrimeCraft's graphics are at
their best during the comic-style cutscenes.

There are a plethora of free to play games out
there.  The majority of them are painful grinds PvE grinds
with a lackluster community and copycats of other popular retail
games.  However, there has emerged a small genre of MMOFPS
games to emulate the success of console shooters and their small team,
objective-based gameplay.  Among the elite of these games are
CrimeCraft and its newest expansion, BLEEDOUT, and Global Agenda and
its recent expansion, Sandstorm.  While Global Agenda has to be purchased up front and technically isn't free to play due to that, it shares so many similarities to other games in the genre that it fits in.   These differ in almost every
way, but in a direct comparison, which one comes out on top?


Both might be behind the curve of retail hits such as Crysis and Call
of Duty: Black Ops, but each one takes place in a different setting and
has vastly different character customization options.  The
animations of CrimeCraft are smoother, but less varied than the
animations of Global Agenda.  The textures of the city in
CrimeCraft are definitely superior to the desert of Global Agenda,
which might be intentional due to the setting, but running through it
looks only marginally better than running through the old Desert of Ro
in Everquest.  If you’re running these games on a mid or
low-end system, you’ll be annoyed by CrimeCraft’s lack of advanced
options for detail or shadows.  It’s basically all or nothing
with CrimeCraft, which can play hell with either your detail or your
frames per second.

Verdict : A tie. 


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You'll find contacts in lovely
parts of town in CrimeCraft.  They keep it PG-13 thankfully.


With each game having an almost non-existent soundtrack, it falls to
the effects and voices to determine the victor.  Global Agenda
feels more like a shooter with more effects for shots, impacts, and
explosions.  It also has a variety of quips for the NPCs in
the desert for the PvE aspect of the game.  Unfortunately, it
all pales compared to the voiceovers of BLEEDOUT in CrimeCraft, which
sound professional and emotional.  Ultimately, the sound for
either of these is falrly lackluster and should not be a determining
factor in deciding which game you go for.

Verdict : A non-factor.


CrimeCraft strikes hard and fast, but starting from scratch in the game
is painful with a long tutorial and a heavy grind.  On the
other hand, the majority of the content is easily soloable with a
little patience and the right weapon loadouts.  There’s also
no waiting for launching missions since they are all instanced, and
very little travel time in general.  Bosses are lacking in
diversity though, with most just shooting for more damage than a
typical mob.  BLEEDOUT’s missions thus far are very well
designed and even exciting at times, which is rare for any PvE game.

Global Agenda has a more epic feel to it in Sandstorm. 
There’s a lot of travel involved, but it’s a lot more manageable with a
jetpack rather than just hiking everywhere you want to go. 
Enemies populate the landscape somewhat sparsely, but are concentrated
for missions when you need to kill them, making for less frustrating
manhunts than you’d expect for a wide open desert PvE
experience.  If you’re looking for a more contained,
corridor-instance style like the new WoW dungeon design, the old PvE of
Global Agenda is still somewhat active and can definitely be done by
any 4 man group at this point. 

Verdict : Global Agenda has much more variety, bigger bosses, and a
more traditional PvE experience.  If you’re looking for a PvE
frenzy in small doses, you might like CrimeCraft better, but Global
Agenda has the better experience overall.

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style="font-style: italic;">Keep it classy, Global Agenda
quest givers.  Sure beats getting another quest from
Thrall.... oh wait.

PvP Warfare

Both games have a good variety of maps and objectives, but Global
Agenda has a lot more to the maps due to the Z-axis shenanigans of the
jetpack.  This makes for a lot more fun tactics such as
sniping from above an enemy spawn point, setting up turrets in strange
places, and assassinating people with leaping strikes from
above.  Since Sandstorm added the ability to fire while flying
with the new jetpack options, combat is more action packed than ever.

For a more traditional, slower paced PvP match, CrimeCraft is much
better suited.  Stealth is more limited, movement is obviously
more limited without the jetpack, and since you can’t even jump, it’s
less about movement and more about aiming and being in the right place
at the right time for the killing blow.  Fans of console
shooters and slower games such as Counterstrike will likely prefer this
style over Global Agenda.

Verdict : Personal preference determines this for you, but Global
Agenda has a slight edge simply due to more variations of classes and


There is no clear winner here..  Each game provides
a solid PvE and PvP experience, but it all comes down to the details
and your impressions to determine which one is right for you. 
Global Agenda does have a free demo available before you purchase, and is half off if you
have a current player refer you.  CrimeCraft is free to play
with some limitations until BLEEDOUT.  My advice to you is to
grab some friends and jump into each and decide for yourself. 
Either way, you’re going to have a good time killing things, or each

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016