The (not-so) epic journey of Xerin through the vaste wastelands
of Auto Assault continues today! All of Xerin's adventure is
documented in his journal, updated frequently, that details this
struggle between evil and not-so-evil. Today, Xerin finds himself a
new apartment and the wonderful city of Upside!

"Welcome back journal! It appears that I was unable to play Auto
Assault for a somewhat lengthy time after setting my computer on fire.
While upgrading, I placed a doohickey in a whatchamacall it and
somehow fused the blogsphere with my gigawattbytes through the
podcast. Unable to comprehend what I had done wrong… I began hitting
the computer with my elbow and giving the thumbs up. While my computer
would play the jingle for one of my favorite cereals, it was getting
nowhere near my daily fix of Auto Assault!"

More of the adventure

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016