Hype... how did this unconventional title fare against it?

Hype can potentially go either way. It can build up the anticipation, and when the delivery follows through on what was promised- success! The trouble comes into play when hype is exagerrated to the point of where expectations rise way higher than what the final product can deliver. Backlash from the resulting negative opinion can spread and destroy what chances might have been possible. Did this happen with Auto Assault?

"Auto Assault definitely had its own brand of hype at the beginning. It wasn't touting mere additions or improvements onto a preexisting formula. It was boasting being something new that is unlike anything else out there, a vehicular MMOG with fast paced destructive action in an epic setting with racial conflicts! This is sure to get at least some attention of anyone tired of old styled repetitive gameplay, or those seeking for something different. And that it did, as many people flocked to find out all about it, and try it out. But this is where the first problem arose..."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016