About Ten Ton Hammer

Built as a community nurturing network from the ground up, Ten Ton Hammer provides gamers with one of the largest selections of free MMO guides on the internet, along with quality features, editorials, previews and reviews of your favorite games. Massively multiplayer online roleplaying games are our passion, and we aim to provide the best and most relevant information possible to our readers daily.

The Ten Ton Hammer network is owned and operated by Master Games International Inc., a corporation founded in 1997 by chess organizers, International Grandmasters and patrons of the game.

Ten Ton Hammer Network Management

John Hoskin
Chief Operations Officer
Alias: Boomjack
Email: john[at]tentonhammer.com

John was originally brought on board by Master Games International to market their chess site (WorldChessNetwork.com) but proceeded to convince the board of directors that MMO gaming was a lucrative market still in its infancy. The board proceeded to instate John as the C.O.O of the newly forged Ten Ton Hammer, and the rest is history.

Before joining Ten Ton Hammer, John opened the first public Internet Service Provider in Southern Ontario in 1993, which later branched out into content creation. He’s been in the computer game industry since 1996, when he founded the original GameStats.com. He now lives with his family in a tiny town in Ontario, Canada.

Jeff Woleslagle
Business Development Director
Alias: Ethec
Email: jeff[at]tentonhammer.com

Hired on as the EverQuest II community manager for Ten Ton Hammer in November 2004, Jeff spent seven years as the Ten Ton Hammer network’s Editor-in-Chief before taking on the leadership of Master Games International’s nascent Business Development team in late 2012.

Reuben Waters
Alias: Sardu
Email: reuben[at]tentonhammer.com

Reuben began his career at Ten Ton Hammer in 2008 as a volunteer on our Age of Conan community site and quickly rose through the ranks from Managing Editor to Editor-in-Chief and Content Director in late 2012. A gamer since the Atari 2600 was the hot home console, Reuben comes from a background in the visual arts, and holds degrees in fine arts and has completed master’s level coursework in fine arts and game design.

Andrew Chernauskas
Technical Director
Alias: Deg
Email: support[at]tentonhammer.com

Originally serving as visual mastermind and lead designer on the Ten Ton Hammer network sites, Andrew took over as Technical Director in early 2013.

Ten Ton Hammer Editorial Team

David Piner
Managing Editor
Alias: Xerin

Karen Hertzberg
Features Editor
Alias: Shayalyn

Eric Campbell
Associate Editor
Alias: Dalmarus

Lewis Burnell
Associate Editor
Alias: PersistentWorld

Skyla Grimes
Social Media Coordinator
Alias: Skylatron

Ten Ton Hammer Writing Staff

Stacy "Martuk" Jones
News Editor - Ten Ton Hammer

Jeff "Gunky" Sproul
Contributing Writer - Ten Ton Hammer

Lee Berger
Contributing Writer - GuildWars2Hub

Greg "Halfshell" Dodd
Community Manager - Swtorhub

Byron "Messiah" Mudry
Contributing Writer - World of Warcraft

Jason "Memtron" Bechdel
Contributing Writer - World of Warcraft

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

About The Author

Sardu 1
Reuben "Sardu" Waters has been writing professionally about the MMOG industry for eight years, and is the current Editor-in-Chief and Director of Development for Ten Ton Hammer.