Games and addiction have had a long relationship. That one boss you can't kill, that one achievement you can't have and that one level you can't cross; a very little thing can leave you frustrated yet transfixed with a game that you cannot quit. 2016 was a great year for PC games, with some great graphics, casino slot games, interesting storylines, and amazing ideas.

Although only the first half of 2017 has passed, the games that can keep you glued to your systems are already aplenty. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Battlefield 1

The 14th installment of the successful Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 1 decided to change the entire narrative by doing things that were never tried in this franchise. Set in the era of World War 1, this game changes the way you look at FPS games. With stunning graphics and a captivating storyline (which is a fresh breath amidst all the alien-based games), Battlefield will take you on a blood-filled journey through history and make you ask for more.


So much has been said and written about Overwatch that it looks like we simply don't have anything new to offer. Call it revolutionary, call it over-rated, but you just cannot ignore it. Without any blood and gore, Overwatch still keeps you glued to the controls with its astounding action and gripping storyline. It is a very different FPS game from Battlefield 1, yet equally captivating. Once you start getting the game, you will not stop until you have finished it.

Titanfall 2

Those who had played Titanfall knew that the game had a lot of potentials, even though it had a few shortcomings. The creator realized that too, and so the new Titanfall 2 is near perfect. With new amazing Titan character, a gripping single-player campaign story, better acting and much better performance, Titanfall in on our list of "games we would not dare to miss". Titanfall 2 trumps some of the biggest names in the gaming industry as far as graphics and smoothness are considered, and for that reason alone it deserves a place in your collection.


Sequel of the much appreciated "XCOM: Enemy Unknown", XCOM 2 take things to another level. Hard games are always more addictive, and XCOM 2 fits that bill very well. With faster gameplay filled with secondary objective and a new concealment system, XCOM 2 guarantees to give you the thrill of your life. It is more than a game; it is a pursuit. Once you get into it, you wouldn't want to leave it.

Civilization 6

For those game freaks with a love for history, the Civilization franchise has always been a favorite. The good news is that it just got better than ever before. It still has all the features that made Civilization such a success: from the diplomacy and politics to trade and army. But what gets better are the graphics, gameplay, and sharpness of the game. The world of Civilization 6 is going to keep you spellbound until you become the conqueror of the world.

Forza Horizon 3

If you are an avid gamer, chances are you have already played and loved the Forza series. It now got expanded in an open world, with the Forza Horizon 3. And boy is it wonderful!

To cut to the chase, here are the things that made this installment one of the best racing games:

  • Detailed map of Australia, one of the largest ever to be included in a racing game
  • More than 350 cars included in the gameplay, breaking all previous records
  • More power to you, by organizing a Horizon festival, where you could customize the events according to your liking

Forza Horizon 3 is an attempt to make Forza franchise as legendary as the NFS and GTA ones. And it seems like it is not far away from the goal.

Dishonored 2

Nobody expected much from Dishonored, and it came as a surprise success. Contrary to that, expectations were high from Dishonored 2, and it fulfilled all of them. If you are a lover of stealth games, this one will blow your mind. Honestly, it does feel at times as if the gameplay is actually a sequence of real events; such is the detailing and accuracy. Dishonored was dark and gritty, and so is its sequel. Here are the reasons why Dishonored 2 will grab your attention:

  • For those who were complaining about a lack of gender diversity, comes Emily Kaldwin, the female protagonist of the gameplay
  • To keep it more about stealth and less about warfare, a host of non-lethal combat moves are introduced
  • Difficulty level is much higher than in the prequel

For the serious fans of the genre, these reasons must be more than enough to grab a copy of this game.


As far as sports games are considered, FIFA is a class on its own. Year after year, the franchise seems to keep getting better, and FIFA 17 is no exception.
The Frostbite engine provides you with some high-end graphics. As far as new features are considered, here are some:

  • A brand new single player campaign called The Journey
  • New leagues introduced to provide more fun
  • New Pushback Technology that improves the overall gaming experience

If you are one of the millions of soccer fans, this game will keep you engaged till FIFA 18 comes out.

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Last Updated: Jun 09, 2017