Since the release of target="_blank">Age of Conan,
fans have ridden a roller coaster ride of bugs and fixes, gameplay
additions and GM scandals. However, one element of the game that far
exceeded all expectations was the incredibly vibrant and vivid score
that was an intrinsic part of the href="" target="_blank">early
Age of Conan gameplay experience.
With over three hours of varying music, it was a wonder that composer
Knut Haugen was able to come up with 72 minutes of the "best" music to
fit onto an official soundtrack. Recently, Knut took the time to write
down his thoughts behind the CD's 25 tracks and also sent over six
samples for the Ten Ton Hammer users to enjoy!

6. “Nighttime Journey through the Eiglophian

This is the nighttime cue for the Eiglophian Mountains in Cimmeria.
It’s a very evocative piece and a favourite among the
Helene Bøksle’s magical voice is the obvious focal
point of this cue.
Translated to English, the lyrics are as follows: I run through the
cold snow – run through the snow in the cold moonlight. I
feel the
weight of my weapon and the strength in my arm. Mighty am I, blessed by
Crom! I am Cimmerian and these are my mountains.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016