We Can "Bearly" Contain

The priests have arrived! Full of pomp, circumstance, and enough rage
to rip out your heart, the Ten Ton Hammer staff members are proud to
present the first of the Age of Conan class interviews featuring the
Priest archetype. To start things off, we opted to begin with the most
"hands-on" of all the priests in AoC, the Bear Shaman. As always, Evan
Michaels gives us the latest details on the Bear Shaman and helps us
better understand what this bloody priest is all about.

Evan: I feel that the Bear Shaman will eventually
become a reasonably
popular class, however it is not one I would consider "easy" to play,
per se. To play a Bear Shaman well, one must be extremely active and
have very keen situational awareness. Due to this, I have a hunch it is
one of those classes that will grow on people over time as they become
more comfortable with the game's intricacies.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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