No, it doesn't include a
bloody head on a fence post.

Here at Ten Ton Hammer, it's always our goal to get the MMORPG lover
the fastest, most accurate, and overwhelmingly comprehensive coverage
of the games that we all love. For those of you that have been eagerly
following our Age of Conan coverage, we have another piece of juicy
information for you. While we were attending CES 2008, the Funcom
developers gave us the concrete details concerning the Age of Conan
Collector's Edition. I can hear your heart thundering in your chest
already, so get going and read all about it!

When asked about the contents of the collector's
edition, Jørgen
smiled. "I'm a collector of video games," he said. "The team did an absolutely incredible job on the entire presentation. This is definitely something I'm going to line my shelves with and display prominently in my home."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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