The routine has become commonplace in gaming these days, a game is
hyped in development, gains a huge following with unrealistic
expectations and then fails to deliver the impossible. While many
developers simply pull the plug on these games or stick them into a
permanent holding pattern, some have grabbed the reins and refused to
go down without a fight. Funcom’s Age
of Conan
is leading that charge
with sweeping additions and a new expansion, Rise
of the Godslayer
in the works. In our continuing effort to bring you all the latest
information we sat down again with Craig Morrison, the games Director
and Executive Producer to talk about the renown system and other
changes in store for the game.

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Ten Ton Hammer: Do you
predict large guilds will reach renown level
20 very fast, and conversely, how long would it take a smaller guild of
10 or so players to progress?

Larger guilds will of course progress quicker, but we
want [satisfying progression] to be achievable for the smaller guilds
as well. We are currently balancing that during testing and there will
most likely be some form of weekly contribution caps to ensure the gap
isn’t too extreme. But, as I said, that’s something
we will fine tune
during testing.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016