Age of Conan Pre-E3 2007 Preview

Ten Ton Hammer travelled to Eidos USA's offices in Redwood City, California for the first ever Age of Conan hands-on experience for North American press. Starting off as shipwrecked galley slave on Tortage Island, we experienced the game's first few quests, then headed into a mob-infested temple to experience some intense group combat as an early mid-level rogue before settling into spell-based combat as a high level demonologist. One thing is for certain: from combat mechanics to visuals, this is a game that's at least as earthy and intense as the fiction it's based upon!

"One aspect of Age of Conan that I feel gets lost in the ecstatic descriptions of gore and maiming is raw beauty of the setting, character models, and animations. The palette is earthy and expertly chosen, and the art direction is neither strictly photo-realistic or caricatured, setting the tone squarely on dystopian and dangerous, yet strangely familiar and non-jarring enough that long periods of playtime wouldn't become visually wearisome."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016