Aion's post-server merge character transfers hit a bit of a snag today and have been put on hold while team investigates a few issues that have turned up not previously discovered in testing. It was decided to put the transfers on hold to prevent the risk of character data corruption. As such the Character Transfer Services have also been disabled while the team troubleshoots the issue. So players will no longer be able to initiate a character transfer. However, if you have previously initiated a transfer before the system was disabled you will be automatically queued up once the system is re-enabled.

Due to technical complications occurring during the first execution of character transfers today, we have unfortunately found ourselves in a position where we need to further postpone the transfers until a solution is found. The issues did not appear in prior testing and have forced us to go back and perform careful investigations. We decided putting character transfers on hold would be a much more preferable option than having to face the risk of corrupting character information.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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