Aion's Gladiator is the offensive branch of the warrior archetype. This class offers a heavy plate armor wearing option with high offensive capabilities for players who want a tank that can dish out some punishment. Unlike its counterpart, the Templar, Gladiators use skills that offer more damage oriented attacks rather than defensive options. To help give players a look at what they can expect from the Gladiator, we've put together a preview of this class from Aion's 3rd beta weekend.

You may think one of those finger wiggling casters with the ability to wield strange magic capable of smiting enemies into a smoldering pile of ash is scary, but you haven’t experienced real terror until you see a plate armor wearing gladiator swoop down from the sky, his razor sharp polearm in tow, and in one swift motion he empties the contents of his opponents head onto the surrounding landscape. Ok, they don’t actually show that in Aion like they do in Age of Conan, but the gladiator is still a vicious looking and formidable foe on the battlefield.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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