Aion Korean players are enjoying the new 2.5 patch today. The update was pushed to the Korean test server yesterday and a preview of the update has been posted to the NA Aion website. While some of the content and details may differ for the NA and European version scheduled to release sometime later this year, the preview offers a good idea of what's in store for Aion players.

2.5 will bring 2 new instances to the game following the Assault on Balaurea story. The first instance, Academy Bootcamp, is an arena style training location which Daevas are using to help train their forces and step up their efforts in the conflict. The combat involves 10 steps with 5 stages each for a total of 50 stages. The second instance, Araka, puts Daevas on the assault to help cut the Balaur Drana supply lines.

But there's more to the update than just instances. Players will also get a new item enchantment system called Divinity Endowment, which can only be performed on certain items and gives various bonuses once activated. This accompanies several other crafting changes.

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Additionally, the notes also add new pets, new designer outfits, and a group guide feature, which allows players of higher than 10 levels than a group to act as its guide. Guides can't obtain loot or experience, but they can obtain Abyss Point, Quest Items, and DP. There are a number of daily/weekly quests that guides can obtain to earn a few rewards while carrying out the role.

The full 2.5 patch note preview is available on the official Aion website.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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