Aion 2.1 hits PTS today and introduces the new Hard Mode to Beshmundir Temple, increases the item drop rate and adds a consistent schedule of in-game events with Dredgion and Fortress Siege times. The update is reportedly the largest one across NCsoft's library of games and is scheduled to deploy to live servers on November 17th.

More loot is the word of the day and this patch will be increasing the amount that players can get in those ever so fun dungeon runs. Beshmundir Temple with its new hard mode was put through the paces and as the charts below show, the loot drop increase is quite high. In a recent report, 20 Perilous runs in Beshmundir's Temple yielded 138 total loot items, 121 of which were fabled quality and 17 eternal. Dark Poeta also got some love as 20 runs through it yielded 68 fabled items.

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Lastly we have the Aion Adventure's Guide, which will provide a new tool to help players navigate the world and find level-appropriate content and provide an assortment of other useful information.

Rumor has it that Aion's resident mad scientist scientific exploratory expert, Victor Shugo, will have more details about the new changes later. So be sure to keep a check on the Aion website for more.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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