Despite their complexities, hundreds of studios all across the world love
taking shots at developing massively multiplayer online games. Even
independent developers are willing to take the plunge, and thus the
Quest Online team is preparing to unleash their upcoming fantasy-themed
MMO target="_blank">Alganon
to an awaiting public.

The game aims to be as feature rich and content deep as games like World of Warcraft. The developers working on Alganon have an addictive passion that's easily displayed in their candid answers to our interview questions. There are currently four classes being released at launch with additional classes making their appearance sometime afterward.

In the fourth class interview for Alganon, the Ten Ton Hammer staff explores the Healer class. While it may seem like a mild mannered health bestower at first, the Healer actually packs quite the punch in Alganon and should be some fun to play when you get the chance. Have a look

Ten Ton Hammer: The
Trance and the Deathwalk Traits seem very similar. What's the major
difference between the two? Will players be able to use Deathwalk and
Trance at the same time?

Deathwalk is the DPS stance for a Healer. By focusing their control
over life on the taking thereof, the Healer is able to deal out large
amounts of damage per second - equal to the damage output of the Magus.
The majority of this damage is done via instant cast damage-over-time
spells, which allow them the draw the life from multiple opponents at
the same time.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016