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This is a continuation of our Alliance level 60-70 guide. From here we continue to take you step by step in the fastest way possible to level seventy. If this is your first character or your fourth this guide will help you speed through the levels by telling you the most efficient way to go about gaining XP and doing quests.

The last place this guide left you should have been entering Nagrand doing some of the earlier Nesingwary quests. In this section you'll work your way to level sixty five by doing various quests near Firewing Point, Nesingwarys, Throne of Elements, and Aeris Landing. A few quests, some grinding, and you'll be half a level higher. Easy experience if you ask me.


Levels 64.5 to 65

Head to Firewing Point at 67,35 and slay Ironjaw and of course kill the nearby Blood Elves for “Attack on Firewing Point”. As a small note, some players actually prefer to grind a little bit on the Blood Elves at Firewing Point since they’re kinda easy to kill. While you’re here you can try for “Escape from Firewing Point” but you may want some friends.

At 54,31 you’ll find Draenei Vessels laying on the ground around Tuurem. Now head back to Allerian Stronghold where you can turn in “Vessels of Power” and “Escape from Firewing Point!” if you completed it. Turn in “The Elusive Ironjaw” while you are here. Head to 69,44 and turn in “Attack on Firewing Point” which leads to “The Final Code”. Near where the escort quest begins (the cage) in Firewing Point you’ll find an Orb of Translocation (kinda like the few in the Night Elf starter land). Use it and you’ll head to the top of this building where you’ll need to kill Sharth Voldoun. Click the mana bomb when you’re back down and bam you’re done.

Head back to Allerian Stronghold and accept “Letting Earthbinder Tavgren Know” which a follow-up to “The Final Code”. Fly to Shattrath and head to the Cenarion Thicket where you can turn it in. From here return to Orebor Harborage and pick up “A Message to Telaar”. At this point it is time to head to Nagrand. So head south along the road into Nagrand.

Head to 71,40 to Nesingwary’s camp. Pick up “Talbuk Mastery”, “Windroc Mastery”, and “Clefthoof Mastery”. The enemies need for these quests are usually northish around the camp. Windrocs are southwestish, Talbuks are northish, and Clefthoofs are southish. While killing them be sure to kill Dust Howler Elementals and get one Howling Dust. When finished, turn all three quests in and pick up the same three quests with the same name.

Head northwest to 60,22 where the Throne of Elements is located and turn in your Howling Wind for a quest which leads to “Murkblood Corruptors” and pick up “The Underneath”, “Muck Diving”, and “A Rare Bean”. Turn in “The Underneath” while in the same area to pickup “The Tortured Earth”.

West of the Throne of Elements is Talbuk Throngrazers while picking up any dung for “A Rare Bean” in the area. If you continue west you’ll come across Clefthoof Bulls for more of Nesingwary’s quests. Next up head to Halaa at 42,43 and kill Muck Spawns in the water. Then head to 31,43 to kill Murkblood Putrifiers. Then head to 31,57 to pickup “Matters of Security”, “A head full of Ivory”, and “Stealing from Thieves”.

Southward at 36,70 you’ll find Voidspawns which are for “Matters of Security” along with the Oshu’gun Crystals located at the nearby camps. Return to Aeris Landing (31,57) and turn in “Stealing from Thieves” and “Matters of Security “ while accepting “Gava’xi”.

You should now be level sixty five. Congratulations! If you’re not, I suggest stopping for awhile and maybe doing any quests in this guide you may have skipped or just grinding out the rest of the level. Sixty five doesn’t necessarily offer new skills, but it does give you a good advantage in the upcoming quests.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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