A Ringer for Ryzom? Producer Daniel Miller talks about Saga of Ryzom's latest free "extension", the player-empowering "Ring of Ryzom"

We've been covering Nevrax's exciting "Ring of Ryzom" (the free extension to the science fantasy MMORPG Saga of Ryzom which puts design and dungeon master duties squarely in the hands of players for the first time in an MMO) for a while now, and in our latest feature our very own Byron "Messiah" Mudry talks with Ring Producer Daniel Miller in his first post-launch interview. Daniel shares the initial reaction of the Ryzom community to the Ring of Ryzom, and shares some of Nevrax's plans for R2's future.

"Daniel Miller: 'The response of the community has been excellent. The concept of player created content is very strong. We now see a very significant proportion of our players connected to the Ring editor 24 hours a day, so we expect to see an ever increasing quantity of interesting scenarios emerging over the weeks to come.'"

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016