An Interview with Erik Mogensen, Licensing Manager for Games Workshop

With Games Day 2007 coming up this weekend, the Ten Ton Hammer team wanted to check in with some of the folks that work behind the scenes on the Warhammer Online project and see what sort of new material Mythic and Games Workshop is churning out. Garret Fuller, our industry relations expert, got ahold of Erik Mogensen, Licensing Manager for Games Workshop. and fired a couple questions his direction to see what sort of information was ready to be revealed about WAR and the Warhammer 40K MMOG.

Actually, something that had me laughing the other day isn't even in the game yet. I was reading a design document for approval and encountered a very inebriated Halfling NPC singing the 'Traditional Halfling Drinking Ballad' She's a Pint Short, but She's Alright by Me It caught me totally off guard, and had my entire department giving me odd looks as I sat at my desk laughing out loud. There are countless little touches like that in WAR, and I know people are going to enjoy finding them.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016