Stand up straight, shine those boots, and kiss your frilly civilian life goodbye! Join Ten Ton Hammer and Gunnery Sergeant York in AFS Basic training to see how recruits are prepared for battle against the threat of bane. Don't miss this inside look at Tabula Rasa's tutorial system and new player experience.

Listen up maggots! My name is Gunnery Sergeant York and you WILL refer to me as "SIR." For the duration of this tutorial I am your mother, father, and god! I have turned thousands of you worthless piles of human waste into the finest fighting machines in this universe and you will be no exceptions to my pristine record. I've seen some raggedy excuses for soldiers but you girls take the cake. ARE YOU EYEBALLIN' ME? No? I didn't think so. This is war ladies and while it makes me sick to my delicate stomach, you may be part of Earth's last hope so pay attention! First up you WILL download the beta client. Install it using Windows standard operating procedure (SOP) and read EVERYTHING it states or you WILL face the consequences. ARE WE CLEAR?

Get it in gear soldier and read on.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016