Anything but a Perfect World.

By Rene “Aemilius” Fideau

The World of Warcraft, the biggest and most successful MMORPG created to date. Over 6 Million people world wide and growing. For a lot of people, they would say that the World of Warcraft is perfect and has everything to offer them. For others, well they will all agree that the World of Warcraft is anything but a Perfect World. I am going to take some time in this article to cover some of the things in the World of Warcraft that I believe could use Fixing to make an already enjoyable game even better.

World Travel

Azeroth., a Large world filled with adventure, danger and beauty. Whether you’re a Horde traveling Via bats or Zepplin, or Alliance traveling Via Griffon or Boat one thing I am sure everyone can say is that it can take way to long to travel from point A to point B. What does this mean? Well let me try to explain. One of the key factors to any online game is the people that play. Getting together with friends, doing a couple quests together and having fun. Now add in the factor of Travel. With flight paths that can take 15 minutes you now have to plan time into your day, to be able to group and not lose time.

Blizzards Answer

Blizzard has done a lot since release of game to try to make travel for players easier and faster. Has this made a difference? In some aspects yes and no. Here is a list of the pro’s and cons to there answer:

Rideable Mounts

Pro’s – Offers players the ability to increase there movement speed by 60% to 100% while on land.

Con’s – Travel from continent to continent is still restricted to Zepplin or Boat.

- Price. Mounts are expensive. Ranging in price from 100 gold to 1000 gold depending on the speed you want. For the casual player, this is not appealing due to the fact that money can be hard to come by.

What can be done?

Lower the price of mounts. Mounts should not be a symbol of status but more of a way for people to travel at faster speeds. Make the Epic mounts more obtainable for those casual players by reducing the price and lowering the level at which they can be obtained.

Zepplins and Boats

Pro’s – Zepplin and Boats are free to use to players and move at a rate of approximately 300% faster then land travel. This makes traveling from one continent faster then trying to swim across the ocean.

Con’s – Boats and Zepplins are only located in Key Area’s. This makes getting to the boat or Zepplin from one side of the world rather difficult.

- Wait times in between boat rides. A player can wait up to 5 minutes for the next boat or Zepplin if they miss the first one. Again not a huge advantage to casual players because of the wasted time.

What can be done?

- Add more routes for the Zepplins and boats in Game. This will eliminate the need for players to have to travel out of there way to catch a ride.

- Player Boats. To be used as mounts. Player has the option to buy themselves a personal boat. To use it they find a body of ocean water, click the Boat and they will jump in and taken to the one of the major ports on the opposite continent.

Mage Ports.

Pro’s – Mages have the ability to port people to 1 of the 4 major cities in Azeroth. This qives players a quick easy way to travel from city to city.

Con’s – It’s only 4 cities.
- Level restricted. All mages do not have access to these port spells right of the bat and often times you have to spend time finding a mage that has the spell and is willing to port you.

- Not free. 95% of the time most mages will charge you a fee to have them port you to your destination city.

What can be done?

- Give mages a wider range of port spells. Having the ability to port to anyplace that has a flight path would be a huge advantage to players.

- Give mages access to there Port spells at levels based on the level requirement of the Zone. For example mages can port to the flightpath in Desolace at level 30.

In a nutshell tons of players in WoW are turned off by the length of time it takes to travel in the game. The options available are just not broad enough. Will this ever change? No one really knows. It is one are of the game however that can use huge improvement.

Player Vs Player

Some will argue that this is one of the biggest aspects of WoW. PvP can be a lot of fun and rewarding if you work at it very hard. The biggest downside to PvP are the PvP servers. With pretty much no restrictions on these servers you are pretty much free to kill whoever you want whenever you want. This is complete unfair to those who do not have the ability to put up a good fight. Nothing is more aggravating then trying to do quests in Redridge Mountains and constantly getting killed by Level 60’s just because they can. What do they have to gain or lose by doing this? Absolutely nothing.

What can be done?

Level Restricted PvP. Restrict the PvP aspect of the Open world combat by 10 Levels or by the level of the zone. For Example Desolace is a level 30 to 40 Zone. Therefore you should only be able to engage in PvP if you are in that level range. So if A level 60 comes across a level 35 in Desolace they will be unable to fight them. Since they are grey to the level 60 anyway why let them kill the lower level.

Dishonor kills for grey targets. If a level 60 decides to kill a level 30 then they should be given a dishonor kill to dis encourage killing lower levels. Implementing these 2 above options would be in hopes of making the environment on a PvP server both more enjoyable and more challenging.

Login Queues

Nothing is more aggravating then paying money to play a game that you can’t login to in a timely manor due to login queues. Depending on the server you are connecting to the login queues can range anywhere from a couple 100 to a couple 1000. Making you wait up to a few hours to be able to play.

What can be done?

Controlled population control. WoW has now gotten bigger then Blizzard can handle yet they keep looking for more customers. Why? Instead why not stop looking for more people to sign up for WoW and work on the population you currently have. As more and more servers get thinned out then you can look at bringing in more people. This would allow you to thin out the queues and not have to worry about the over population of one server.

Either was regardless of how hard any company tries there game will never be perfect. Blizzard has done a very good job in most regards so far doing what they can to meet there customers needs. All they need to do is concentrate on the things that make a bigger impact. A good example would be patch 1.10. Although weather effects are great don’t you think work should have gone into the outstanding issues first?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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