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Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures first big PvP update has stirred up quite a commotion in the community as the battlefields are drenched in the blood of warriors and anyone unfortunate enough to get caught in the crossfire. With this new mechanic has come some commotion about some players possibly Fight Clubbing or throwing fights to get PvP experience. Needless to say this has not gone over well with players. Many other topics have turned up as well, including a post from our new Game Director about a possible future resurrection of the Drunken Brawling mechanic. Finding all the good information like this can be a challenging job as the forums become more saturated with endless rants and dramatic post. Let the Border Kingdom Cryer save you the trauma of reading through the drama. Join us as we examine some of the top pieces of discussion over the past week. PvP Fight Clubbing, Age of Conan's Game Director Craig "Silirrion" Morrison chimes in on Drunken Brawling, the Weekly Funny includes a heat packin granny, all this and more in this week's Border Kingdom Cryer.

This thread has a lot of
good points about various topics and not just boobies. Drunken Brawling gets brought up and the new Game Director
Craig "Silirrion" Morrison drops in for a quick silirrion="" morrison="">response and the possibility of renewed hope that we might one day see Drunken
Brawling get resurrected.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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