Clan Soup--Way Better
Than Chicken Noodle

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to the premier of Age of Conan Ten Ton
Hammer's Clan Soup. We're glad you could make it. But
what is Clan Soup, you ask? I suppose it does need some
explanation. JoBildo's imaginary dictionary reads:

Clan Soup - noun [klan

  • a directory of many Clans in Funcom's Age of Conan MMORPG.
  • a weekly feature at that aims to bring
    any and all news from around the web about Clans in Age of Conan to
    your hungry eyes.
  • a horridly tasting dish made from the from the remains of
    clanmates who have fallen in battle. Regarded as the worst meal in all

Forgetting the third meaning (as no one deserves that sort of culinary
punishment), we can see that Clan Soup is exactly what it sounds like:
a place to keep track of everything going on in Age of Conan as it
relates to the game's Clans.

But what does that mean for you Hyborian hopefuls? Well, starting today
we at Ten Ton Hammer's Age of Conan site are gladly accepting
registration to be a part of this nifty little project. There are just
a few things we need from you to get started.  Head on over to
the Clan
Soup Charter and Instructions
 to see what it's all
about and get signed up before May 20th is upon us and Hyboria's gates
are opened!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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