There is a whole world out there beyond the Age of Conan live servers. It is called, the AoC TEST servers! This strange and mysterious place isn't just for the brave few anymore. The test server has become a viable and fun place to play part-time or even full-time!

Whether you are a casual soloer or a hardcore raider, your help can be used. A lot of testers will log in and keep close tabs on the chat channels looking for wider testing opportunities such as test groups forming or raids being coordinated. Other players might just log to go about their regular business and wait to stumble onto something out of the ordinary. All types of players with all kinds of play styles are needed and everyone is important to the testing process.

Curious about the test servers and what they have to offer? Savanja shows off some of the best features of the test servers and explains why you will want to play there too!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016