The Age of Conan community is stirring after the exciting announcement earlier this week revealing the first AoC expansion titled "Rise of the Godslayer". News is pouring in from the European conventions that were the first to get the news and Eurogamer put together a great preview of RotG featuring early screenshots.

To get beyond the Wall and into Khitai proper, you'll need a high-level character. Morrisson says he's aiming for the first playfield within the Empire to be playable from "the high 70s through to 80". Beyond that, levels cease to matter, but it's not like there's no progression - the content will get harder, and require the new advancement points to be earned and spent on new abilities. "Once players start to move through they will have to have invested some into the alternate advancement system in order to progress further," Morrisson says. "Skilled and experienced high-level players might even find it possible to start exploring the second of the playfields early on, but they will of course be earning advancement points as they go along."

Read the full three page spread on Eurogamer for more great details on the Rise of the Godslayer expansion!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016