Week one of the APB: Reloaded beta kicked off last week with thousands of testers re-entering San Paro. This week's APB: Reloaded blog recaps the events of last week and proved to the devs that the game can indeed be resurrected and that there's going to be a lot of work ahead of them over the next year. One of the more noticeable bugs found last week was a shotgun that could blow up a car in almost a single shot, symbolic of a 1980s action flick.

The blog also clarifies what a closed beta is, something that seems to be increasingly more lost among modern gaming audiences. If you've participated in a closed beta, you've probably run across a segment of people that think that they're playing a live game.

The entire purpose of CB is to validate the basic game systems, work out all game balance issues, solve server lag, identify any performance problems, identify any unexpected crashes and identify serious game play or progression issues. Especially since right now we only have the Los Angeles location operating the game to test all routes to that one location. Let's be clear - there are SEVERAL of these issues in the game that we are working on right now. Therefore the biggest help for the team are well written bug reports of issues that you encountered in the game or details of any unexpected behaviors that you can document thoroughly.

The blog also contains information analyzing the performance data and latency issues, something that the team over at Reloaded Productions will continue to tweak during beta.

Source: APB: Reloaded Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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