All Points Bulletin will be making its return this year by way of Reloaded Productions, a subsidiary of free-to-play publisher GamersFirst and under its new name aptly titled, APB: Reloaded. While the game may not have had the greatest stay in the MMO world having shut down in a short three months, GamersFirst has been hard at work patching up some of the game's issues and adding in some new content. This week's APB: Reloaded blog explores the tentative closed beta launch date and what needs to be in place for it to happen.

If GamersFirst can have the new game client ready to go and establish a brand new network, we could see beta as early as February. Not a lot was revealed about the new client in this week's blog but more details are expected next week. The latest blog focuses on the new network design and what GamersFirst hopes to have in place soon for APB.

Separate and apart from the actual APB game development efforts, our top-to-bottom network redesign is now a prerequisite for the APB launch. The redesign is not a small nor simple task, especially as we are in the midst of launching several other new games, trying to minimize any downtime to all our existing games during the transition, and on top of this, are also poised to launch APB with its massive network demands. The best analogy is that what we are attempting to do is like changing the engine oil while speeding down the highway at 100 miles per hour. Really tricky stuff. And bound to cause some mishaps along the way.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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