Gamers are at the heart of everything we do at Ten Ton Hammer and
they’re really the individuals that every MMO company is
trying to win over. Recently, NHN USA - North American publisher of F2P
games like target="_blank">Rohan: Blood Feud, Gunz and href="">Luminary:
Rise of the Goonzu - showed their dedication to the
gaming community by re-envisioning their overview portal href="" target="_blank">,
making it more appealing to the “hardcore” gaming
crowd. On top of that, NHN USA recently appointed a new CEO, Philip
Yun, to lead their gaming enterprise in the North American market. The
Ten Ton Hammer staff caught up with Philip and asked him about his
gaming past, where he hopes to take NHN USA, and what sort of impact
gamers will see from the “new look” of NHN.

Ton Hammer: For most companies, the CEO acts as a driving force behind
the direction of his or her employees. Where will you be pushing the
company? What can players expect to see from the future of NHN USA?

As I mentioned, I think the future of online games
lies in the interactions that gamers have with each other. That
philosophy is at the core of how I drive the company, both externally
and internally. I know a lot of people say the same thing, but we are
really about building a sense of community around and our
games. So, to answer your question, we just re-launched our website to
have a more ‘hardcore’ feel to reflect the games we
offer and the
community that plays them. We also have a big line up of new games
coming in 2009 – including Huxley, the
Unreal Engine 3-based
MMOFPS. You can also expect to see even better service, which includes
more events to engage players.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016